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Invitation to OMOM Summit 2019

30 August 2019




必威精装版下载The theme of the summit this year is “Future of Capsule”, in keeping up with our fast-changing clinical world and continually exploring the potential of the capsule endoscopy. We will create a platform by bringing together international and Chinese capsule experts to share their experiences, ideas and outlook about capsule endoscopy.


We are honored to have Dr. Jean-Francois Rey(president of World Endoscopy Organization)and Prof. Shutian Zhang (former president of Chinese Society of Digestive Endoscopy) as the summit chairmen, joined by faculties including Prof. Miguel Mascarenhas, Prof. Helmut Neumann, Dr. Tassos Koulaouzidis, Dr. Asad Dajani, Dr. Bingling Zhang, etc.



必威精装版下载OMOM capsules are getting smarter ever! We will unveil our revolutionary technologies at this occasion robotic stomach capsule aided by AI technology, HD small bowel Capsule and double-head colon Capsule. To make the best of your visit, we will have an advanced training course 10th.



必威精装版下载Last but not the least: Chongqing is beautiful city worth your visit and exploring. We assure you the landscape, the food, the people and the culture would make your trip a memorable one.


Inscription online is open now, please click  We look forward to seeing you in Chongqing.

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